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Celsetial Designs was featured in the Frontiersman as a 2013 Women In Business!


Your wedding day deserves to be a spectacular occasion.  Let Celestial Designs help you to create that day by taking care of number one...YOU! What is the first thing that every little girl thinks about when dreaming about her wedding? You got it, the gown. We specialize in designing custom wedding gowns, and other formal wear for that special day. Our seamstress is a perfectionist, and isn't satisfied until she sees that your gown is beyond your wildest expectations.


Let's focus on another day that little girls dream about.  Prom...Once again, let us help you to get that perfect prom dress.

Alterations and Custom Desgin

We also do alterations to bridal, formal, and everyday wear.  Have an odd job?  Give us a call, and I bet we can get you taken care of. 

Our seamstress is not afraid to tackle any project, just come in with your ideas and questions, and we'll brainstorm. We make sure our work is done in a timely manner.  Contact us in Wasilla, Alaska, for alterations and tailoring, as well as custom wedding gowns, veils or other apparel.